Together We Rock and Roll

1/15/17 – Together We Rock and Roll
Acts 4:32-35

Thesis: The Church is a multitude which comes and stays together around a vision. God blesses our togetherness!

Intro: 30 years ago, God brought 56 adults plus their children together to accomplish a vision from Him! The purpose was to accomplish together what we could not do alone. All of God’s works are together blessings! He is bringing us together and keeping us together!  The miracle is together!

Acts 4:32-35

1.The mighty work or move of the Spirit was unselfishness. Unselfishness is the key to unity and creating an atmosphere for the mighty works of God’s people!

2.Believers are moved by Purpose rather than Pleasure. The Church today has lost the sense of Purpose, which is accomplishing for God and the Common good!  Miracles and Eradication of Poverty accomplished together!

3.Great Grace which is great favor (the outworking of God’s love) was on all, and not some. Why? Because of the unselfish spirit among them all.

4.Togetherness and Unselfishness is a combo which makes all things possible!

New Horizon I call you to Purpose, let’s do the seemingly impossible!


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