Great Joy in the City

1/29/17 – Great Joy in the City
Acts 8:4-8

Thesis: Great joy follows the work of God by His servants, because God’s favor become very evident.

Intro: High Holy Month and what has been accomplished because of the sacrifices made by the members.

When we are convinced enough to share the Gospel

Once we are convinced that we have something special from God, which is:

  • an anointing on our life and
  • a message that has life (The Gospel).

Then we should, Care-Commit-Connect  with others.

Care for God and the lost masses.

Commit to God and the lost that you are going to act redemptively.

Connect to the object of your care and commitment.

List Your Five (5) & Begin to:

  • Love Them
  • Bring Them to Church
  • Connect/Get with Them
  • Pray for Them

Just share the Word and watch it move. One good example is Phillip in Samaria.

The results are always the same, Deliverance, Salvation, and Joy!

Let’s stir the city up by ministering to your Five (5)


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