Everyone is Welcome Including Sinners!

1/22/17 – Everyone is Welcome Including Sinners!
Luke 15:1-10

Thesis: One of Jesus’ main purposes was to seek and save the lost or sinners. It must therefore also be a central purpose of the Church.

Intro: Over the last thirty years one of the questions the Lord and others should ask relates to New Horizon’s legitimacy as a church and not a club. Legitimacy is looking, sounding, and acting like Jesus, and bring people into purpose.

Jesus’ Church has a mission concerning the lost.

A. The Jewish leaders misunderstood Jesus’ purpose (Luke 19:10).

B. Sinners liked Jesus and Jesus befriended them. He was real, gave help out of trouble, didn’t condemn, and was more contagious than sinners.

The Church must be a welcoming and helpful place.

A. We must understand the value of each person, and that every person can change. See them as Jesus does.

B. We must remember that we were once in the same place of sin, and someone helped us. The church is a group of saved sinner.

C. Like Jesus we must first, Care, then Commit, and then Connect!

Care, Commit, Connect

A. Care with the love of Jesus,

B. Commit to pray, reach out and not give up.

C. Connect by bring them into the church, staying their friend, encourage them to receive training and join a ministry in the church.

Action Steps

A. Pray that God will give you five people who are not saved or in the church.

B. Reach out to the five and share your care for them, and what God has said about them. Lead them in a confession to Jesus.

C. Bring them to church, stay with them, and expand their relationships in the church. Get them connected to a Care Group and a Ministry.

Keep Working Your Five


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