Care Cell Groups

Care Cell Groups (CCG) are the core of New Horizon. Although, large, they will develop smaller groups within themselves to ensure true intimacy and growth of all members. Each CCG will create 12 smaller groups to function within the larger group. This is a hierarchal pyramid scheme of discipleship and authority. This biblical approach centers on the 12 tribes, and Christ’s 12 disciples, which is a spiritual governmental model that formulates a cell-church.

This is how it works. Bishop trains and directs 12 leadership teams. The 12 leadership teams are responsible for discipling 12 cell groups. The cell group members are responsible for going out and discipling 12 others, with at least 3-6 people coming from the community and not from within the church they attend. After 1 year of effectively discipling 12 others these cell members then become leaders themselves, and start their own cells. The CCGs serve as an entity to help people to grow in Christ and come to Christ. This carries out our Vision as a loving Church Loving on God and Loving on People.

Essentially, the CCG is a small church within a church. Each CCG will have at least one Chaplain for Spiritual Guidance and three Deacons for Care and Service. Best described by Joel Comiskey, CCGs are “empowered by Holy Spirit through prayer, their purpose is to make disciples through spiritual growth, community, and evangelism, resulting in group multiplication. ” Seen another way, Randy Frazee in the describes these groups using the acronym SERVICE:

S = spiritual formation. Personal goals of growth in Christ for each member of the group
E =evangelism. Pray for at least three households within their neighborhoods
R = reproduction. Each group is open to welcoming new people; there should be at least one leader in training and it’s important to reproduce the new cell each year.
V = volunteerism. The cell promotes the local church
I = International missions. The cell supports one international mission’s project
C = care. Commitment to one another
E = extending compassion. Commitment to on-site compassion projects per year

By developing the functional cell-group philosophy and structure, New Horizon best equip our people for ministry to impact our community for Christ.