Bishop Crudup

Bishop Ronnie C. Crudup, Sr.

Ronnie C. Crudup, Sr., is the Administrative Bishop Crudup for the Fellowship of International Churches, and the Chief Bishop Crudup for the Mid-South Diocese. In addition, he serves as the Senior Pastor of New Horizon Church International, which he started in 1987, under the instructions of the Holy Spirit to “go establish a church that would be on a new horizon.”

For over 25 years Bishop Crudup Crudup has transparently and unapologetically displayed his passion in proclaiming the consecration power of God’s Word and in empowering the masses by dividing the Word of Truth into practical Biblical principles that transform lives to fulfill their divine calling and destiny in Christ. Gifted as a visionary leader, prolific life-application Bible teacher, and dynamic preacher, Bishop Crudup witnessed the congregation multiply from 56 members to over 3,000 members, 5 plus ministries and a bible school. Blessed with an undeniable anointing on his life, many people characterize Bishop Crudup as one of the greatest spiritual leaders of our time.

In addition, Bishop Crudup is known as a “down-to-earth” man of faith who is on the move for the Lord. Armed with an untamable motivation, he believes deeply in the life-changing and on-going difference that a relationship with God makes. Often you will hear Bishop Crudup say his two signature statements; “Nothing just happens, someone has to make it happen,” and  “count it all JOY…” which the latter is best represented by the truth summed up in James 1:2.

The scope of Bishop Crudup’s ministry is best described as an “out-of-the-box” kingdom builder. Currently, he serves as the founder and president for two Faith Based 501C3 ministries (New Horizon Ministries Inc. and the We Make It Better Foundation); in addition to being the founder and president of Ekklesia School of Ministry and Theology. Also, Bishop Crudup is the co-founder and CEO of the Mississippi Faith-Based Coalition for Community Renewal. Formerly, he served on numerous local, state, and national community development organizations and boards. Theses include: Former Chairman for the City of Jackson’s Redevelopment Authority, 100 Concerned Clergy of Jackson, Transformation Jackson, Central Mississippi Medical Center, Working Together Jackson, The Hope/Enterprise Corporation, and Telos.

Other ministry experiences include speaking for various domestic and international events and organizations. Notably, he also established a television broadcast ministry, where he hosted “New Horizon Presents” and “The Issues.” Bishop Crudup is also passionately involved in international missions to Malawi, South Africa, and Zambia.

Bishop Crudup earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Jackson State University, and he holds a Master of Divinity degree from Reformed Theological Seminary. Bishop Crudup has celebrated over 40 years of his life with First Lady Jacqueline Crudup. Together they have four grown children and eight young grandchildren. Currently, Bishop Crudup and First Lady Crudup reside in South Jackson.